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Return or Exchange Policy

Contact Customer Service

If you wish to return or exchange any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact our Customer Service representative within 4 business days (from the date products were delivered).

Package Return Exchange:

Customer Service will issue the ‘The Package Return or Exchange Confirmation Number’ after confirmation. All product return or exchange forms must be included with all return packages. The product return / Exchange forms can be obtained from our customer service representative.

Shipping Duration for Return or Exchange Issue:

Return or Exchange items must be received within 14 days after the 'Package Return Confirmation Number’ has been issued. Returned items must be received in order for customers to be refunded or exchange merchandise.    Items received after 14 days will be classified as unacceptable and not refunded.

Returns That Will Not Be Accepted:

  • Merchandise that has been visibly damage (Ripped, Stained, Torn, Cut, or disfigured in any capacity)
  • Merchandise That Have Been Worn
  • Merchandise That Have Been Altered
  • Merchandise That have Been Washed and Shrinkage
  • Merchandise without Tags or Dress Labels

 Shipping Cost Issue for Return Items:

 All merchandise that will be shipped back to customers are responsible for the shipping cost of the returned items and must provide any additional insurance cost at their own digression.

 It is also recommended that our customers utilize parcel services such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and Postal for the benefit of obtaining a tracking number to assure that your return items arrived in a timely manner without getting lost upon arrival. If such an incident does occur cannot be held responsible for any non-receipt of return merchandise.

Thank you!